The Creed in Early English

Following the post of the Lord's Prayer in Early English yesterday, here is the Creed in Early English. Old English (9th century): Ic gelyfe on God Fæder ælmihtigne, Scyppend heofonan and eaorthan ; And on Hæland Crist, Sunu his anlican, Drihten urne ; Se the wæs geacnod of tham Halgan Gaste, Acænned of Marian tham mædene … Continue reading The Creed in Early English


The Lord’s Prayer in Early English

I found these interesting. See how the English language has changed through these samples of the Lord's Prayer: Old English (7th cent): Fader usær thu arth in Heofnas sic gehalgad noma thin to cymeth ric thin, sie willo thin suæ is in Heofno and in Eortho. Hlaf userne oferwistlic sel us to dæg, and forgef … Continue reading The Lord’s Prayer in Early English