The Creed in Early English

Somme le Roy, 1295

Somme le Roy, 1295

Following the post of the Lord’s Prayer in Early English yesterday, here is the Creed in Early English.

Old English (9th century):

Ic gelyfe on God Fæder ælmihtigne, Scyppend heofonan and eaorthan ; And on Hæland Crist, Sunu his anlican, Drihten urne ; Se the wæs geacnod of tham Halgan Gaste, Acænned of Marian tham mædene ; Gethrowad under them Pontiscan Pilate, Gerod fæstnad, Dead and bebyrged ; He nither astah to hel warum ; Tham thriddan dæge he aras fram deadum; He astah to heofonum ; He sit to swythran hand God Fæder wæs ælmihtigan ; Thonan toweard deman tha cucan and tha deadan. Ic gelyfe Tha halgan gelathunge right gelyfdan ; Halgana gemænysse ; And forgyfnysse synna ; Flæsces æriste ; And thæt ece life. Si hit swa.

Middle English (13th century):

Hi true in God, Fader Hal-michttende, That makede heven and herdeth ; And in Jhesu Krist, is ane lepi Sone, Hure Laverd ; That was bigotin of the Hali Gast, And born of the mainden Marie ; Pinid under Punce Pilate, festened to the rode, Ded, and dulvun ; Licht in til helle ; The thride dai up ras fra dede to live ; Steg intil hevenne ; Sitis on his Fadir richt hand, Fadir alwaldand ; He then sal cume to deme the quike and the dede. Hy troue hy theli Gast ; And hely kirke ; The samninge of halges ; Forgifnes of sinnes ; Uprisigen of fleyes ; And life withuten enden. Amen.

Early Modern English (16th century):

I bileue in god, fadir almyȝti, makere of heuene and of erthe : and in iesu crist the sone of him, oure lord, oon aloone : which is conceyued of the hooli gost : born of marie maiden : suffride passioun undir pounce pilat : crucified, deed, and biried : he wente doun to hellis : the thridde day he roos aȝen fro deede : he steiȝ to heuenes : he sittith on the riȝt syde of god the fadir almyȝti : thenus he is to come for to deme the quyke and deede. I beleue in the hooli goost : feith of hooli chirche : communynge of seyntis : forȝyuenesse of synnes : aȝenrisyng of fleish, and euerlastynge lyf. So be it.


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