Daily Prayer for Lent

I will be posting a short form of Morning and Evening Prayer throughout Lent beginning on this upcoming Wednesday, which is Ash Wednesday, March 1.


2 thoughts on “Daily Prayer for Lent

    • Pauline,
      I am so glad you will be joining us for daily prayer. There is no pride of authorship here. If I had found these readings already in place elsewhere, I would be encouraging everyone to go there for Lent. After the first week, we will be diving into Jeremiah and Romans in the mornings and we will be in the Gospel of John in the evenings. Holy Week, of course, is very special and builds with each day. I had tears in my eyes as I was typing in morning prayer for Holy Saturday.
      There are the occasional breaks for St Patrick’s day, Joseph of Nazareth, and the Annunciation, but these even go with the flow as we are reminded to celebrate the spread of the gospel around the world and incarnation of God’s Son. I believe we will all be blessed by these readings as we prepare for Easter Day.
      Grace and Peace,


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